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Details Cultural-Diversity-and-Global-Media-The-Mediation-of-Difference

Cultural Diversity and Global Media Cultural Diversity and Global Media explores the relationship between the media and multiculturalism. Full description

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Details Managing-Development-in-a-Global-Context

Managing Development in a Global Context Managing Development in a Global Context examines the complex relationship between management, development and globalization from a multidimensional perspective. Key authors in the field explore the historical ...

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Details Culture-and-Global-Change

Culture and Global Change This volume explores aspects of culture and development at a time of rapid global change. Contributors debate the importance of culture to development discourse and the Third World, stressing that there must be a qualitative ...

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Details Global-Linguistic-Flows

Global Linguistic Flows Located at the intersection of sociolinguistics and Hip Hop Studies, this book moves around the world - spanning Africa, Asia, Australia, the Americas and the European Union - to explore Hip Hop Cultures, youth identities, the ...

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Details Feminist-Constitutionalism-Global-Perspectives

Feminist Constitutionalism Explores the relationship between constitutional law and feminism, offering a spectrum of approaches and analysis set across a wide range of topics. Full description

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Details Spacing-Ireland

Spacing Ireland Spacing Ireland explores questions of 'space' and 'place' to understand the nature of major social, cultural and economic change in contemporary Ireland.The authors explore the intersections between everyday life and global exchanges ...

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Details Understanding-Heritage-and-Memory-Understanding-Global-Heritage

Understanding Heritage and Memory Part of "Understanding Global Heritage" series, this book explores the emotive issues surrounding the commemoration of war and atrocity, and the profound challenges for conservators posed by 'virtual', 'intangible' ...

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Details Alternative-Visions-Paths-in-the-Global-Village-Philosophy-and-the-Global-Context

Globalization is often seen as a process of universal standardization under the auspices of market economics, technology, and hegemonic power. Resisting this process without endorsing parochial self-enclosure, Fred Dallmayr explores alternative ...

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Details Globalization-and-Change-The-Transformation-of-Global-Capitalism

Globalization and Change Globalization and Change: The Transformation of Global Capitalism explores the capitalist implications of globalization from a critical and historical perspective. By looking at the contradictions inherent in globalization ...

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Details Contemporary-Global-Governance-Multipolarity-vs-New-Discourses-on-Global-Governance-New-International-InsightsNouveaux-Regards-sur-lInternational-Band-9

Multipolarity vs New Discourses on Global GovernanceBroschiertes BuchThis book explores two dimensions of contemporary global governance. The first part looks at the relationship between multipolarity and global governance. Thus the position of major ...

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Details Global-Strategies-in-Banking-and-Finance-Advances-in-Finance-Accounting-and-Economics

"This book explores the concept of a global industry through case studies, emerging research, and interdisciplinary perspectives applicable to a variety of fields in banking and finance"--

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Details Cross-Cultural-Leadership-and-Global-Culture-System-Analysis

Scientific Study from the year 2012 in the subject Cultural Studies - Miscellaneous, , course: global leadership, language: English, abstract: In the following I would like to explore how the body and the mind can be attuned in an optimum way. It is ...

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Details Toward-a-Global-PhD-Changes-in-Doctoral-Education-Worldwide

Toward a Global PhD? Universities and nations have long recognized the direct contribution of graduate education to the welfare of the economy by meeting a range of research and employment needs. This volume explores some of the tensions and potential ...

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Details Ecosystem-Approaches-to-Fisheries-A-Global-Perspective

Inspired by the work of the renowned fisheries scientist Daniel Pauly, this book provides a detailed overview of ecosystem-based management of fisheries. It explores the complex and interdisciplinary nature of the subject by bringing together ...

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Details Contemporary-Latin-American-Cinema-Breaking-Into-the-Global-Market

This engaging book explores Latin America cinema since 2000, an extraordinary period of international recognition. Leading specialists consider the reasons for the unprecedented commercial and critical successes of movies such as City of God, The ...

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Details School-Reform-in-a-Global-Society-19th-Century-Schools-for-the-21st-Century

This far reaching text, explores the relations between global wealth and poverty, American and European elites and Third World indigenous societies, and the role schools play in the destruction of cultures. It exams how the dark underside of ...

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Details Development-and-Social-Change-A-Global-Perspective-Fifth-Edition-Sociology-for-a-New-Century

Explores development through historical narrative and examines the globalization/development paradox through in-depth case studies. In his Fifth Edition of Development and Social Change: A Global Perspective, author Philip McMichael examines the ...

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Details NGOs-IGOs-and-the-Network-Mechanisms-of-Post-Conflict-Global-Governance-in-Microfinance

NGOs, IGOs, and the Network Mechanisms of Post-conflict Global Governance in Microfinance Post-conflict reconstruction stretches the capacities of international institutions and they turn to NGOs to answer the challenge. This book explores how the ...

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Details Islamic-Democratic-Discourse-Theory-Debates-and-Philosophical-Perspectives-Global-Encounters

This wide-ranging set of essays explores the multi-faceted relationship between Islam and democracy. Each essayist's unique viewpoint on contemporary Islam provides insight into Islamic political thought and its connection to Western democracy.

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Details Treetops-at-Risk-Challenges-of-Global-Canopy-Ecology-and-Conservation

Forest canopies not only support high terrestrial biodiversity but also represent a critical interface between the atmosphere and the earth. They provide goods and services to support diverse human communities and offer opportunities to explore ...

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Details The-European-Union-and-Global-Governance-RoutledgeGarnet-Series-Europe-in-the-World-Band-6

This book explores and analyses the multidimensional influence the European Union exerts in the world, focusing on its contribution to regional and global governance. Presenting a multidisciplinary approach with contributions by a panel of outstanding ...

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Details Negotiating-Citizenship-Migrant-Women-in-Canada-and-the-Global-System

Negotiating Citizenship This title explores the growing inequalities associated with nation-based citizenship from the perspective of migrant women workers who have made their way from impoverished Third World countries to work in Canada in the ...

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Details West-African-Migrations-Transnational-and-Global-Pathways-in-a-New-Century

West African Migrations Drawing on the interdisciplinary research projects of scholars from various social science and humanities disciplines, this book explores how African migration to Western countries after the neo-liberal economic reforms of the ...

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Details Local-Government-Reforms-in-Countries-in-Transition-A-Global-Perspective-Studies-in-Public-Policy

Local Government Reforms in Countries in Transition explores the impacts that the end of the Cold War and increased globalization have had on government around the world.

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Details Planetary-Politics-Human-Rights-Terror-and-Global-Society-LOGOS-Perspectives-On-Modern-Society-And-Culture

Planetary Politics Global society has been analyzed in any number of ways books dealing with its economic and cultural implications flood the market. But Planetary Politics highlights something unique. It explores globalization with an eye on the ...

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Details The-Navajo-Political-Experience-Spectrum-Series-Race-And-Ethnicity-In-National-And-Global-Politics

The Navajo Political Experience The book offers a way to explore the culture of politics and the politics of culture confronted by all native peoples. Full description

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Details World-Trade-Law-after-Neoliberalism-Reimagining-The-Global-Economic-Order

World Trade Law After Neoliberalism It is often argued that there is an inherent tension between international human rights law and the rules of free trade. This book explores the assumptions underlying this debate and argues that we need to ...

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Details Winning-in-the-Global-Market-A-Practical-Guide-to-International-Business-Success

A guide that enables firms of different experience levels to explore the possibilities international markets hold and, if they are already engaged, to improve their international operations. It shows readers how to conduct an international SWOT ...

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Details Governance-of-Global-Financial-Markets-The-Law-the-Economics-the-Politics-International-Corporate-Law-and-Financial-Market-Regulation

The recent financial crisis proved that pre-existing arrangements for the governance of global markets were flawed. With reform underway in the USA, the EU and elsewhere, Emilios Avgouleas explores some of the questions associated with building an ...

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Details Communication-and-Political-Crisis-Media-Politics-and-Governance-in-a-Globalized-Public-Sphere-Global-Crises-and-the-Media-Band-16

Media, Politics and Governance in a Globalized Public SphereBroschiertes BuchCommunication and Political Crisis explores the role of the global media in a period of intensifying geopolitical conflict. Through case studies drawn from domestic and ...

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Details The-Global-Impact-of-the-Protocols-of-the-Elders-of-Zion-A-Century-Old-Myth-Routledge-Jewish-Studies

The Global Impact of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion Examines the impact of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" across the world since it was compiled in the early 20th century. This book explores the tract's successful dissemination and how ...

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Details Another-American-Century-The-United-States-and-the-World-Since-911-Global-Issues

Another American Century? This updated edition explores two questions: How is the US shaping the rest of the world? And how does it persuade itself that its actions are just? It offers a roadmap to the new era of unparalled US pre-eminence, outlining ...

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Details Studies-and-Global-Perspectives-of-Second-Language-Teaching-and-Learning-Research-in-Second-Language-Learning

This book explores theories and pedagogies in the L2 classroom that have led to an understanding of how non-native languages are taught and learned. Featuring a diverse set of perspectives from researchers and language educators from around the globe ...

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Details Encounters-People-of-Asian-Descent-in-the-Americas-Pacific-Formations-Global-Relations-in-Asian-and-Pacific-Perspectives

People of Asian descent have lived for centuries in North and South America, where they have been actively involved in the creation of multicultural, multiethnic societies. This groundbreaking anthology explores their experiences among ethnic and ...

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Details Academic-Labour-Unemployment-and-Global-Higher-Education-Neoliberal-Policies-of-Funding-and-Management-Palgrave-Critical-University-Studies

Neoliberal Policies of Funding and ManagementGebundenes BuchThis book explores how the kinds of world-wide restructurings of higher education and research work that are underway today havenot only increased employment insecurity in academia but may ...

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Details Multinational-Companies-from-Emerging-Economies-Composition-Conceptualization-and-Direction-in-the-Global-Economy-Composition-Conceptualizatin-and-International-Political-Economy-Series

Multinational Companies from Emerging Economies This comprehensive study of the rise of multinational corporations from emerging economies explores the basis of their success. Andrea Goldstein argues that the history of multinational business offers ...

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Details Geography-A-Childrens-Encyclopedia

Geography a Children's Encyclopedia A children's guide to our planet, covering the geological and environmental processes that (literally) shape our world, from ice ages to global warming, earthquakes to tsunamis. It explores the wonders of the ...

34,29 EUR*
Details Beyond-Orientalism-Essays-on-Cross-Cultural-Encounter

Beyond Orientalism Beyond Orientalism explores the confluence of contemporary Western (especially Continental) philosophy, with its focus on otherness and difference, and the ongoing process of globalization or the emergence of the "global village." ...

87,99 EUR*
Details Revolutionary-Currents-Nation-Building-in-the-Transatlantic-World

Revolutionary Currents explores the global crosscurrents and revolutionary ideologies that inspired four great modern revolutions_England's Glorious Revolution of 1688D89, the American Revolution of 1776, the French Revolution in 1789, and the Mexican ...

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Details Is-My-Child-Autistic-or-Delayed

2014 eLit Gold Award (Parenting/Child Care & Family)2013 Global Ebook Award Silver Winner (Education)2014 Reader Views West Mountain Regional Book AwardIs My Child Autistic or Delayed? is a book written for parents and professionals to explore autism ...

127,29 EUR*
Details The-New-Transnationalism-Transnational-Governance-and-Democratic-Legitimacy-Private-Transnational-Governance-and-Its-Democratic-Legitimacy-Transformations-of-the-State

The New Transnationalism This book explores what the privatization of global rule-making means for democracy. It reconstructs three prominent rule-making processes in the field of global sustainability politics and argues that, if designed properly ...

38,99 EUR*
Details Fair-Trade-The-Challenges-of-Transforming-Globalization

This book explores the challenges and potential of Fair Trade, one of the world's most dynamic efforts to enhance global social justice and environmental sustainability through market based social change. Fair Trade links food consumers and ...

20,95 EUR*
Details Cool-Shades-The-History-and-Meaning-of-Sunglasses

The History and Meaning of SunglassesBroschiertes BuchThe first scholarly examination of the prominence of sunglasses in contemporary visual culture, this study explores their power as global signifiers and excavates the slippery concept of cool.

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Details Roman-Passions-Pleasures-in-Imperial-Rome

Roman Passions By the time of the emperors, the Romans had created the world's first global empire and plundered the provinces for produce to be eaten, planted or displayed as novelties. This book explores how they pursued sensual delights - from ...

14,99 EUR*
Details Guilt-About-the-Past

Guilt about the Past The six essays that make up this compelling book view the long shadow of past guilt both as a uniquely German experience and as a global one. Bernhard Schlink explores the phenomenon of guilt and how it attaches to a whole society ...

49,99 EUR*
Details Europische-Publikumsffentlichkeiten-Ein-pragmatischer-Ansatz-Medien-Kultur-Kommunikation-German-Edition

Ein pragmatischer AnsatzBroschiertes BuchEin pragmatischer AnsatzGoing beyond the usual regional perspective to afford a uniquely global and interdisciplinary view of agricultural trends in the world's mountain ranges, this volume explores the ...

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Details Tobacco-in-History-The-Cultures-of-Dependence

Jordan Goodman explores the historical transformation of tobacco from Amerindian shamanism to global capitalism, from the food of the spirits to the fatal epidemic and from the rough pipe and cigar to the modern-day cigarette. The book reveals the ...

24,95 EUR*
Details Reimagining-Civic-Education-How-Diverse-Societies-Form-Democratic-Citizens

This volume surveys the new global landscape for democratic civic education. Rooted in qualitative researc, the contributors explore the many ways that notions of democracy and citizenship have been implemented in recent education policy, curriculum ...

19,95 EUR*
Details Religion-and-Security-The-New-Nexus-in-International-Relations

In global security today, religion is not only part of the problem but also part of the solution. This book explores positive nexus points between religion and security, paying particular attention to the resources within the Abrahamic faith ...